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При первом взгляде на эти обои кажется, что это порхающие бабочки присели на стену...но если повнимательнее приглядеться, то можно увидеть акварельные кристаллы, вплетенные в затейливый рисунок...

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I am a beginner / intermediate / advanced surfer. Is this trip for me?

You don’t need to be an advanced or expert surfer to have a good time on this trip. However, if you are an expert you won’t be disappointed because there are breaks for everyone. Each day, we will select our surf location based on the reports and group needs. You'll have the option to stick with the group or do your own thing.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We will do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs. For all dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance. Give us an idea of what you need or want and we will sort it out.

Can I just pay the full amount now? When is the full amount due?

You can pay the full amount now, but we will consider $1,500 to be a non-refundable deposit in accordance with our terms and conditions. The full payment is due 60 days prior to departure. We will also offer payment so you don't feel overwhelmed with paying it all at once.

Do I need travel insurance?

It is not required, however we always recommend purchasing travel insurance for all trips. Travel insurance allows you to seek reimbursement if you are forced to cancel your trip for unforeseeable reasons, or if you need to cover medical help, emergency transport, theft and/or accidental damage while traveling. We recommend World Nomads.

What gear should I bring?

There is a complete gear list above. Some people bring more than one snowboard / skis (one for powder, one for all-mountain), this is not a requirement. Bringing two pairs of skis can potentially put your bag overweight and be expensive. Let us know what you need and we would let you know ahead of time if we can make things easier for you on your trip

Can I book a private room?

Based on availability we can accommodate that. Single Occupancy rooms may be available at an additional cost of $600. Please check in with us before booking if this would be a deal breaker.

Can I (or my partner) come even if we don't surf?

This trip's focus is surfing, as well as loads of fun. While your partner or friend may not surf or want to learn. There are tons of options as far as activities go to keep them busy and to enjoy their time in the Bali. Some activities could include but are not limited to visits to a spa, yoga or enjoying the bars and local culture.

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Send us an email at: info@mywickeddude.com

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